Monday, November 8, 2010

The Order Of Apollyon/The Flesh/Listenable Records/2011 CD Review

 The Order Of Apollyon are a band from the United Kingdom that plays a very dark form of blackened death metal and this is a review of their 2011 album "The Flesh" which will be released by Listenable Records.

Drums alternate between slow, mid paced and fast drumming with a lot of blast beats, while the bass playing has  a dark tone that is kind off mixed down low in the mix and seems to follow the riffs that are coming out of the guitars, as for the effects they add a lot of atmosphere and darkness to the music.

Rhythm guitars are a mixture of slow, mid paced to fast blackened death metal riffs with a lot of talent being utilized as well as some melodic and thrash riffing, while the lead guitars are very chaotic sounding death metal guitar leads and solos that have an early 90's feel with a lot of skill being utilized.

Vocals are mostly deep death metal growls with some high pitched screams being used at times mixed in with the occasional spoken word passages and clean singing female vocals, while the lyrics touch on Spiritual Satanism and Spirituality, as for the production it has a very heavy and professional sound to it.

In my opinion The Order Of Apollyn are a very talented blackened death metal band, that should appeal to all fans of this genre. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Ich Been Das Licht" "Fifth" "Flesh Of YHVH" and "L"Orgueil". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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