Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Night Conquers Day/Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival/Hammerheart Records/1999 CD Review

  Night Conquers Day where  a band from New York that played a progressive mixture of black, doom, and death metal and this is a review of their 1999 album "Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival which was released by Hammerheart Records.

Drums are mostly slow to mid paced beats with some fast playing and blast beats while the while the keyboards have a very atmospheric and symphonic as well as progressive sound, as for the bass  playing it has a very dark tone with riffs that follow the guitars and at times have a very powerful sound.

Rhythm guitars are mostly mid slow to mid paced black riffing that also has progressive death metal, thrash and doom influences, while the lead guitars are distorted guitar solos that have a good sense of melody and a lot of talent that takes influences from progressive metal, as for the acoustic guitars that have a progressive feel that makes the music darker and at times there is a classical guitar being utilized.

Vocals are mostly high pitched black metal screams as well as a little bit of deep death metal growls mixed with some whisper passages and some clean singing that hits some very high notes, while the lyrics touch on the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche with some anti Christian themes as well as some Luciferian and esoteric lyrics, as for the production on this recording which was recorded at Mortuary Temple Studios sounds very  professional and you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this album.

In my opinion Night Conquers Days was a very talented and underrated band for their time and if you are a fan of melodic black metal that is very progressive you should check this band out. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "The Perseverance Of Ignorance" "Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival" and "Dream Deep Sorcery". RECOMMENDED BUY


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