Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alastis/The Other Side/Century Media Records/1997 CD Review

 Alastis are a band from Switzerland that plays an atmospheric form of  black/doom/death and this is a review of their classic 1997 album "The Other Side" which was released by Century Media Records.

Drums are mostly slow drumming with no fast playing or blast beats and there is some percussion being used at times, while the computers have a very dark and atmospheric sound, as for the bass playing it is all rhythm bass that follows the riffs coming out of the guitars and you can hear the instrument a lot on this album.

Rhythm guitars are all slow to mid paced riffs that have a lot of melody and mix black metal and doom metal together mixed in with a little bit of industrial and thrash influences, lead guitars when they are used on this album sound very melodic and sad also at times there is a lot of guitar synth that makes the music sound very dark and atmospheric and at times there are some acoustic guitars that gives the music a depressive feel.

Vocals are deep growls that are very east to understand with some spoken word passages while the lyrics are very philosophical and poetic with somewhat of an anti Christian theme, as for the production on this recording which was recorded and mixed at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany during December of 1996 sounds very professional and you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this album.

In my opinion Alastis where a very good band and if you are a fan of atmospheric black/doom/death metal you should check this band out and they also had connections with Samael who are also from the same country.
RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "In Darkness" "The Other Side" and "Slaves Of Rot". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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