Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Everdark/Armageddon's Birth/FullMoonProductions/1996 CD Review

 Everdark are a band from New York that plays a style that I would describe as a mixture of black/death metal and doom metal and this is a review of their classic 1996 album "Armageddon's Birth" which was released by FullMoonProductions.

Drums range slow beats to some fast drumming with a lot of blast beats while the bass playing has a very dark sounding tone with some riffs that take influences from black,death and doom metal and the bass lines follow the guitars with a little bit of lead bass.

Rhythm guitars are very raw and dark sounding with some fast black/death riffing as well as doom metal that contains a little bit of melody, with some occasional acoustic guitar parts, while the lead guitars sound very primal with some fast and noisy leads, as for the keyboards when they are utilized they have an atmospheric as well as evil sound to it.

Vocals are a mixture of deep death metal growls with some high pitched black metal screams while the lyrics are a mixture of satanic and anti christian themes with some poetry as for the production on this album which was recorded during the months of May and June 1995 sounds very raw , necro and old school sounding.

In my opinion Ever Dark where a very underrated band for their time and this is a classic album that should appeal to all underground black metal, doom metal and death metal fans. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "The Coming Of Legion" "From the Ashes (She Rises)" and "Chanting". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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