Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Die Hard/Evil Always Return/Abyss Records/2008 CD Review

  Die Hard are a band from Sweden that mixes thrash, death and black metal and this is a review of their 2008 e.p "Evil Always Return' which was released by Abyss Records.

Drums are very fast abd brutal with alot of blast beats, while the bass playing is very fast and primal with riffs that follow the guitars.

Rhythm guitars are very fast with alot of brual death/thrash riffs that contain a small amount of a black metal influence, with some very fast guitar leads and solos being thrown in.

Vocals are mostly death/thrash style grunts with some deep death metal growls, while the lyrics cover Satanism, death, and hate, as for the production it sounds very heavy and primal with all of the instruments coming out with a brutal sound.

In my opinion Die Hard are a very good band that any true fan 0f death/black/thrash should enjoy and they bring back alot of memories of the death and black metal bands of the 80's. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Black Mass" and "The Weak Lead The Blind". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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