Sunday, May 1, 2011

Willow Wisp Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with the band these days?
TOE KNEE-We just released our new Eclectic/Esoteric/Psychological Black Metal Epic entitled 'Antihuman Manifesto' to a world which will surely be taken aghast by it's transcending qualities.All emotions will be evoked and questioned upon initial and repeated listens.
M6D6M6A-**Willow Wisp is very busy writing new songs that continue to desecrate the names of the nations' deities, as well as being busy performing for the sic and twisted damned that flock to our shows to be brutally entertained and absolved of all their sins.
MR HORRORBLE-The creative output is growing exponentially right now. The new material is faster with more complex riffs. The overall smoothness & flow of the compositions are starting to have a more professional feel to them.
:LAZ: Revamping & rehearsing the most intense brutal sound since 1988.

2. You have a history that goes back to the 80's, how did your music sound back then, I noticed when I listen to your music it sounds too modern to be confused for an 80's band?
TOE KNEE-This monster always evolves.It eats it's members if they cannot sate it's hunger and appease it's will to emote musical excursions for die hard devotees .Willow Wisp has always experimented with varying fabrics and sound tapestries. In the beginning we were heavily influenced by Bathory,Mercyful Fate,Destruction and Metallica, yet we were also inspired by the Glam movement with such bands as Tiger Tailz,Twisted Sister,Motley Crue and W.A.S.P. as well as progressive metal like Voi Vod,Fates Warning and Rush.We were a strange amalgam of those bands if you can picture such a monstrosity .Currently we have found our sound and honed it to a fine devil tail .Willow Wisp will always be eccentric but in a more refined manner and less confusing to the listener.
MR HORRORBLE-Cool! Thanks!
:LAZ:Because the band is a perpetual work in progress, perpelled in a constant state of evolution, just as the universe we live in.---

3. How do you feel your image has influenced other black metal or gothic bands, you have had the imagery before most of the bands?
TOE KNEE-Curiously enough many newer Black/Death metal and Gothic metal fans think we ripped the image from Cradle of Filth or Gorgoroth,etc. but we started wearing rusted,homemade spiked gauntlets and early,primitive corpsepaint as far back as 1986.We were also covering songs by Bathory,Impaler and Destruction in 1986/87 .Research is important,especially if you make false claims as to a band's lineage.You cannot pass a test without study.Most fools usually get straight F's......failures, one and all.
MR HORRORBLE-Willow's members past & present have always realized the importance of the dramatic theatrical presentation that sets us apart from typical "blackmetal" bands. Though inspirational to us on multiple levels, black & white is overused & boring. Willow has always had an extreme look that transcends genres. A little of this & a little of that is how we approach it. Other bands & local metal musicians seem afraid to do a look like we do & often criticize it. Fear of being called gay is a lot of it.
:LAZ: Pushing the bounderies and fundamentaly destroying the norm of what everyone assumes is Ideal. And occasionally reviving the roots of the original originality.

4. Have you had the opportunity to play shows outside of California and what are some of the best shows that the band has played so far?
TOE KNEE-We performed in Chicago in 2003,New York in 1996 and 2002,Vegas in 2009,England in 2000 and did a mini tour of Germany in 2005.Thus far our most favorable shows were with Dark Funeral at The Key Club in Hollywood in January 2007,Deicide and Usurper at The Gathering of The Bestial legions at The Rink in Los Angeles in 2004,with Mayhem at The Whisky in Hollywood in 1998 and with Christian Death twice in 1997 at The Roxy in Hollywood and recently at The Castle in Riverside,Ca. in February of 2010 .Those are some of the standouts in my memory.
M6D6M6A-****Vegas was great because the place that booked us had no idea what they were getting themselves into. We tend to be able to shock even those that have seen us before, so I know that crowd will never forget what they witnessed that night.
MR HORRORBLE-We played Las Vegas at some awful little meth driven club. The reception was overwhelming & the show devastated everybody there. They didn't expect the devastation we create live.

5. What are some of the best bands that you have done shows with and what are some bands that you would like to do shows with?
TOE KNEE -All of the above mentioned.Some of the bands we desire to perform with are-Cradle Of Filth,1349,Gorgoroth,Kiss,Alice Cooper,Immortal,Watain,Akercocke,Cannibal Corpse,Marilyn Manson and Lady Ga Ga.
M6D6M6A-**Rebel Rebel have been real cool to play with. I like the shows they put on.
MR HORRORBLE-The Wisp has played with so many pro level bands in the past. Personally, I'd love to open for Immortal, Watain, Cradle, Dimmu, Gorgoroth, etc... my fantasy would be to open for Iron Maiden but we're too extreme for the type of acts they generally tour with.

6. A few months ago me and my wife saw a porno film that had your band in it, do you have any more plans to do porno's?
TOE KNEE-Well, to correct you that was for a former band I was involved in called Astrovamps and i did not actually perform in the video .I was a (not so innocent) bystander during the proceedings .I wanted to cut the young ladies and involve urine rites but the director declined.
MR HORRORBLE- There's been some discussion. It would take an ultra creative visionary to do a porn film with our music as the soundscape. Of course, we'd write new material for such a project. There's been rumors of a more satanic approach with the band taking part on a more fleshly level.

7.How has your newer material been received so far by extreme music fans worldwide?
TOE KNEE-Considering we are by far harsher and more vicious than ever musically and the way we present ourselves on stage the fans have been more receptive .There will always be those far less adept and unqualified 'fans' who mock and scorn us out of sheer,uninformed stupidity but the more savvy and researched will understand and appreciate our progression.
M6D6M6A-**The release of the AntiHuman Manifesto is fast approaching but until then I can't say for sure. I know one thing, if you don't like you can go right to hell.
MR HORRORBLE-"I Watched You Drown" has been an instant favorite for people. That's cool because it's brand new & on the cd. Kind of funny because it's a departure from the rest of the songs on the cd.

8. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?
TOE KNEE-Quite possibly the world's most supremely written observations on the human condition.The style is very,very avant garde in it's approach, deviating from the standard formula of verse,chorus,bridge,solo,repeat chorus,etc. Some of the Poe-etry does not even mention the title of the song.It's all very stream of consciousness and broad based in it's concepts.I will say though that a recurring theme seems to be eternity and the mystery of death as well as the will to power and the exploration of all human emotions.Of course we do throw in some of the most taboo breaking idealism and rants on the menace of religion for good measure!!
M6D6M6A-**Our new cd AntiHuman Manifesto lives up to its name in many different ways. Just pick up that booklet that comes along with the cd and read along with the lyrics and discover the misanthropic stories told by each song.
MR HORRORBLE-Have you read Toe-knees work? He's really fucked up in the a GOOD way. The stories alone are great, very intellectually & emotionally challenging. There's double meanings, metaphores, weird meter. Definitely not your typical pop lyrics for the weak minded.

9. I have noticed over the years you have been on a few record labels, which record label do you feel has done the most to support your music?
TOE KNEE-We anticipate that our current distributor Blastzone Entertainment will exceed any past success but up to this point Fullmoon Productions (a label from Florida we were on from 1999 to 2001) did a tremendous job of advertising,distributing us and paying for our studio budget.

10. Out off all the releases you have recorded so far which one are you the most satisfied with?
TOE KNEE-Upon repeated observations I have come to the conclusion that 'Antihuman Manifesto' is our best yet
MR HORRORBLE-The obvious answer is "Antihuman Manifesto". It summed up where the band was a few years ago when it was recorded. The new material is technically & sonically a step up. The world will have to wait for the next cd (which several songs are already written) to find out what we're most proud of. We really like to look forward instead of looking back. For me, Karza's keyboard work on "Emnity" was stellar. The producton on "Manifesto" is so great, especially for the extremely limited resources we have. That's something we're all very proud of. Daniel Satori did magic for us in his studio.

11. You have many different elements in your music, how would you describe the fans that go to your shows, I am sure you have more than just black metal fans at your shows?
TOE KNEE-I would describe them as being of various stature,height,weight,facial features and scent .Basically just humans who love metal!! We are blessed (by whatever forces beckon) to have any fans and we are honored to perform for them.
M6D6M6A-**I think we've been fortunate to be able to play some shows that ended up having fairly diverse crowds, whether that's just because of the show that was booked or what I don't know but I have no problem spreading the gospel of Willow Wisp to each and every ear that will listen.
MR HORRORBLE-It's very interesting & disturbing. You get teenagers that dress cool but not metal by any means, some typical jean/concert shirt metal dudes, some hot goth chics, some huge depressed girls, some tweekers, some stoners, a few middle aged people that understand we're not about fame, just the music & pushing the boundries of what people consider black metal or goth or extreme music in general.
LAZ: We have fat chicks fugly gimps, cretins the resemble your dying grandma's asshole cunt askewed into one mucusing pubic person. and various freaks and carnival rejects. (LOL)

12. How would you describe the musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
TOE KNEE-We have conquered by leaps and bounds, as time has advanced we have advanced with it.The mystery of the future brings with it the mystery of future composition.
MR HORRORBLE-We feel like we're on the other side of a black hole where all the powers of the universe are infinitely condensed, where everything is possible & impossible at the same time. We just write & don't think about what it means or where it will fits in. Though every miserable human on the planet hates us & criticizes us for what we do, it lets us clearly know that what we're doing really is art. You can't just walk away unaffected. You're going to have a strong reaction (positive or negative). This is the definition of art, to tap into emotions unexpectidly.
LAZ: into a more machine like drivin force, representing man's darkest deviations, in a modern misanthropic form of new age DE-evolution.

13. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?
TOE KNEE-I am influenced by any artist with integrity .I listen mostly to Metal, which encompasses about 80 percent of my listening excursions but the other 20 percent constitutes things that most bipeds would not even believe I adore, such as-Aleisha Keys,Lady Ga Ga,The Carpenters,The Doors,Michael Jackson,The Beatles,Diamanda Galas,Robert Johnson,Elvis,Nirvana,Rolling Stones,etc. very diverse tastes. Never cheat yourself of your emotions or fear others opinion.If you do you are just taking ill advise from a future corpse.
M6D6M6A-**I like new and original music. Something that hasn't quite been done before. Since I feel Willow Wisp is full of this originality I expect the same from my music in whatever form it is.
MR HORRORBLE-We all listen to different shit all the time. Naturally, it's always metal of some sort, but we channel everything. Even stuff as remote as The Carpenters & The Beach Boys & Johnny Cash. The new Immortal is killer. Cannibal's "Evisceration Plague" is good. Typical, but good. I still listen to Maiden, Van Halen, Ratt, Dokken, Crue, Immortal, Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Emperor, etc., but listen to a lot of classical.
LAZ: Influences involve ; Mayhem, Decide, Pantera, Metallica, Cannibal Corpse, Accept, Kiss, Judas Priest, Queen, & Burzum. etc.
Nowadays I listen a wide variety ; Berzerker, Diva Destruction, Mayhem (NEW), Nile, Crystal Castles, Hocico, Mournful Congregation, Interpol, Bring Me the Horizon, Portishead, Ancient, Limbonic Art, & Switch Blade Symphony.

14. Where do you feel you stand at in the Los Angeles metal scene?
TOE KNEE-Usually on the side of the road opposite traffic.In other words we could care less .Willow Wisp is it's own entity far from the ravaged and prejudice thoughts of the 'competition'.
M6D6M6A-**Willow Wisp will always be one of the most eclectic/esoteric/god hating bands wherever it is that you put us, Los Angeles is no exception.
MR HORRORBLE-Artistically, nobody can touch us except somebody like Dead By Day.
LAZ: somewhere between your mom's legs.

15. How would you describe your views on Satanism and what are some occult authors, philosophers and orders that have influenced your views?
TOE KNEE-I would describe them as complex. I have studied many religions and their ideas and have come to the conclusion that they are all just mini orders with varying monikers overseen by crazed megalomaniacs who crave power and energy to feed their delusional values.Some are very logical, others completely asinine with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.Satanism is by far the supreme order, but only in the way of survival of the not only the fittest but the most astute,crafty and determined. I adhere to Anton lavey's philosophy as well as Friedrich Nietzsche's but at times you need the pure,unbridled barbarity of medieval Satanism to accomplish things.I prefer a mixture of the logical and the absurd. "Which is it? Is man only God's mistake or God only man's mistake?"
M6D6M6A-**Satanism for me deals primarily with the possession of my body before performing a show. If you come see a concert you will be looking upon the result of prolonged exposure to Traditional Satanism. And any questions you had about the concept will be answered many times over.
MR HORRORBLE-I went through a concerted effort to summon all evil by reading Anton LeVey & a little Crowley. It seemed to back-fire becaues all the spells I cast seemed to fuck me over & not the intended victims. That stopped that shit. But, the overall modern satanic philosophy is exactly what Satan was accused of...having a will to do your own thing. That's how we look at it. The satanic or evil imagery & lyrics is the fun part. You see how frail people's minds are that can believe that anything other than human actions is evil. It has always struck me as odd that people cling to the character of Satan that came from Judeo-Christian philosophy as the villian who loses in the end. See how retarded people are? The don't even know what they're believing in or trying to conjur up. The only real power a human has is his/her own mind. Everything else is superfluous. I've found Dr. Wayne Dyer's books helpful in developing my own mind & thoughts outside of religious or occult forums. To each his own.
LAZ: "They're all wrong because they're all right. If we don't all evolve we don't evolve at all."

16. What are some of your interests outside of music?
TOE KNEE-My soul mate,rituals,exercise,painting,poetry,reading,horrormovies,history,nature,pussy,
periodic drinking binges
M6D6M6A-**If you don't mind I'd rather mention what I do outside of Willow Wisp, which is a very frightening industrial/electro project called SleeperCell. You can expect a track from SleeperCell on Willow Wisp's new AntiHuman Manifesto cd entitled "Let Me Eat Your Dead". You can also find more SleeperCell at
MR HORRORBLE-All things beach & surfing for me. Out in the water you realize how insignificant we & our problems are. We're shark bait with egos. I love shooting hand guns, assault & sniper rifles. Being alone in nature has to be the epitomy for me. It's the only time everything is real. Your humanity, your thoughts, survival. We all need eachother as humans but the best place to experience your humanity is alone.
LAZ: My Psychic pulses that are Illuminating and controlling of the minds of mankind, Theroies of the galactic and infinite possibilities of everything, and inevitably the substance of Nothing, and don't forget CIRCLES, everything goes in circles.

17. Any final words or thoughts?
TOE KNEE-Well, I suspect that those will come from my soul and brain right before the moment of my divine exit from this mortal coil.DEFY THE FUCKING MUNDANE HORDES OF HUMANITY FOREVER!!!!!!!!
M6D6M6A-**From one avid metal fan to another, do yourself a goddamn favor and get the new Willow Wisp cd AntiHuman Manifesto. It will in fact reinvigorate a long stagnate scene. And I don't know how anyone else feels but personally I'm getting sick of black and death metal sounding exactly the same from one band to another. I dare you to listen to our new cd and not hear a multitude of sounds you've never heard before. I fuckin dare you. WWW.MYSPACE.COM/WILLOWWISPBA
MR HORRORBLE-Thanks to the fans that have stayed loyal to the vision of Willow Wisp. We all hate when members change in bands but there's usually good reasons for it. Bottom line, you're into the style of music or you're not. Dani Filth is a great example of keeping his vision for the band going while members came & went. Toe-knee is the same way...dedicated till the end. We believe that 3 of us are core right now & are in it for the long haul. We need one or two members that believe & behave as we do. The Wisp ain't goin' away.
LAZ: the definition of a God is :A Creator. and we are GODS.