Friday, October 14, 2011

Fester interview

1. Can you give us an update on what happened to the band members after the break up?

The period after the break up was quit difficult for all members..Having played together for some many years, it becomes a vacuum in life when it all suddenly ends.. Jørgen was getting real sick at the time. It was much drugs and alcohol, and in the end he could'nt cope with it, and finally died. Jan Helge and I founded families, and because of that music was put on hold for a couple of years.. Rolf TOmmy was also getting sick at the time of the split , and he has sadly enough, never recovered from his illnesses.. I started up a band called Sincera 9 years ago, in the good old vain, and we will also see an album later this year ..That's like a long story short, eh ?

2. I have read recently that you have reformed, what was the cause of the split up and what made you decide to reform the band?

The split up was mainly caused by a couple of the members illnesses, and a bit due to Rolf Tommy wanting to go a different direction music wise. I have , personally, always said that I will make music ONLY when it comes naturally. When the creativity pounds in my veins, and it just flows, if you know what I mean ? I have never made music just to make music, or making music to sound like this or that because of a hype or anything. When all the shit happened with the band some of the spirit just died. When all this was back ( creativity and spirit..), it was time to call for a resurrection.. A festering resurrection so to speak.. Thomas Andresen ( Algol/Sincera/ Deathseeker) has joined as a permanent member on vox. I am the only guitarist at the moment, Jontho ( Ragnarok) will session the drums on the new album, and Jon (Kampfar) will session bass.

3. How would you describe the musical sound of the current material and how it differs from the previous recordings?

It's a bit different to describe.. As said, I just make out what comes into my mind and hands, but some people says it's darker and colder.., Just a few has heard some out takes, but all claims that you can truly hear that it's FESTER, just almost 20 years later! Still mid paced or slow...Still melancholic and mystic.. Still a harsh and mean vocal.. Mayby some riffs are even more inspired by the old school, that being heavy metal or early Bm.. I don't know..

4. What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects that you have explored with your music?

I can tell you a bit from the new tunes ? Old rituals, war, revenge, norse mythology, depression ... The lyrics, I would say, has'nt changed all that much. The themes evolves the same issues as before.. Mayby a bit harsher than on "Silence" though.. , and we have felt that the lyrics really has to fit the feel of each tune, and I think we have done this good for these new tracks.

5. What was the meaning and inspiration behind the band name?

It was Anders Oddin "Cadaver" who came up with the name, and drew the first logo.. Sounding more old school than most Norwegian bands at the time ( rise of the second wave of BM ), and sounding more Dm, I think it was a suitable name. We liked the feel, and the meaning, of men shit FESTEing our minds... Just to have said it; It has nothing to do with a certain uncle..

6. What where some of the best shows that the band has played and how would you describe your stage performance?

Our stage performances were never anything special.. He he.. We just stood there banging and playing hard music.. We did some blood spilling in some shows, but all in all never something special. I thing our best show was in Bergen in 93 with amo Taake. That was a bad ass show actually ! It was some big candles and stuff on stage, and I was more in movement so to speak, than in most shows, and the candlestakes , some amps and stuff got wrecked..

7. I noticed that when you came out in the 90s you had a sound that was a lot more different than most bands in Norway, how did the scene out there react to your musical sound?

As you might understand, it was'nt all that easy.. As you say, we sounded a lot more different than most uprising bands at the moment, and the scene was all about Bm.. I feel that we never got the recognition that we deserved, because of the mentioned reasons, but we never got hassled either , because I was a part of the scene evolving Helvete and Euronymous . AND we never gave a fuck what people meant or said ! We made music mainly to fulfill our dark thoughts and feelings.. not others. If people like it, tha'ts of course cool, but rather 2 people loving it, than 1000 people thinking it sounds OK..

8. Currently Abyss Records has re-issued some of your older albums, are you happy with the way the re-issues came out?\

Yeah ! Both the label and the artists has done a great job ! On " Winter of sin " we just made some small adjustments on the front cover and back, but all art inside is new. On the " Silence " re-issue, we did the whole thing new . I think they are really wordy re-releases, and the fact that "Wos" has been out of print for over 15 years, and I thought it was about time people can get their hands on these releases without either downloading them on Rapidshit , or paying their asses off on E bay. The demo compilation that was releases last summer was smashing too .. Real old school cut and paste, out it sounds like freaking 92 !! Kyrck did a real good job with that one

9. What where some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music, and also what are you listening to nowadays?

Growing up with Heavy Metal and Thrash, one may hear lots of elements from these styles in our music, but of course darker stuff as well.. If I were to pick out some bands I would say : Early Sepultura, 1. Darkthrone, Celic Frost, Hellhammer, 1. Mötley Crüe(..), Kreator, King Diamond/Merciful Fate, early Metallica, Pestilence... Today I listen mainly to melancholic and dark music. Nostalgic as I am, I prefer old school Black and Death, but I can also put on Led Zeppelin , Black Sabbath or a symphony for that matter.

10. What role did Occultism play in the music and how would you describe your views on this topic?

I read, and still read. It has never been FESTER's most important inspiration though. That has been, and will always be the dark inner self. As for the topic I can qoute Crowley : Do as thou willt.......

11. Outside of music, what are some of your interests?

Being a responsible adult with family... Ha ha, There are not much time besides work and them, but I enjoy reading, history, music, drawing, painting and being with friends and familly.

12. Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?

Thanx a lot for the interview, and your questions. Do buy our new re-releases, and check out the new album that will be out late this year on Abyss.... Meanwhile you might also check out the side project Sincera. Play loud and stay proud !!!!


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