Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Way Of Purity Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard you before?
-We hate standard presentation, biography and introduction and we are not a band...We are a project, where around 15 people can express their selves with their own art and ideas. Some people play instruments and write the songs (me,Deathwish, WADecc), other people like Steve J. Drakos, Susi Medusa Gottardi, Rhett P., Antisocial studio take care of the visual message,Christian Donaldson and Jeffrey handle the technical part ecc...As long as you support us we will consider you part of the project. We are not that kind of band that goes to rehearsal room on Sunday evening making sure that piercing and haircut are perfect ...Fuck that. We all live in different places around Europe and we don't fucking care to be called "Band". This is a very bad word nowadays because most of the "bands" cannot really play instruments or don't really produce albums.
We have done a 50 gigs tour and people asked us, "where is this" , "where is that"...What? Where is What? We have no faces,we have no names, we swap instruments, we don't fucking care to label ourselves as "Bassist", "Drummer" ecc ecc...But we play music before thinking of other crappy things. We are here for a message, for a mission...Fuck the band. It is about de-personalizing the people, suppressing individuality and egos in order to push the message forward.

2. How would you describe your musical sound?
-Well, i wrote the album so maybe I am the right one to describe it. I was in a black metal band in 91, I have hardcore attitude and I am big fan of New Wave...Maybe our album is a combination of these things. Black Metal riffs, played with hardcore attitude heavily influenced by new wave. We try to transfer to people our visions and our music could be described like that...A mix of visionary creativity and convulse ideas.

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?
-The meaning behind The Way Of Purity is painful. The Way Of Purity is the sacrifice that every man should do to keep his own integrity alive. Life is a way, a quite long way when it comes to integrity, honesty, friendship, beliefs, marriage because everyday we have to give proof of our integrity in front of temptations. For most of the people is really hard not to betray their friends or partner, it is really hard to only eat vegetables, it is hard being 100% honest in front of interests...Well, I guess you understand what I mean. The Way Of Purity is the way that ONLY FEW can understand and only few can "walk on". For all the people that betray, say lies, only think about sex or surface we are the fucking painful mirror. That's why we take 100% of our inspiration (in life and music) from animals...They never fail when it comes to integrity.

4. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?

-Our lyrics are about this above described concept. The whole message is about this. our Lyrics reflect the reality we live in and can be described as a true and concrete message. we’re here to bring the animals’ message to liars, weak individuals, prostitutes, drug addicts, nymphomaniacs and many more.

5. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
-The best show we played is for sure in Timisoara (Romania). This was is Daos club, the club of Negura Bunget's Ageru Pamantului. People were really into our show and I loved it. It was a really important moment because I am really friend with Ageru and this was the first day of his club...I felt it in my heart.
Our show is like scary...This is what people say...we are really into what we do and every note we play is like the universe...The totality. We alternate moments or real violence to deep and emotional patterns. We try to push our performance at the real physical limits. It's quite hard.

6. I have read somewhere that one of the older members committed suicide, what was it that motivated you to keep the band going after such a tragic loss?
-When a person commits suicide, everyone is affected. Family members, friends, band mates, neighbors, and sometimes people might experience feelings of grief, confusion, guilt and the sense that if only they had done something differently, the suicide could have been prevented. With Betty was different.
The reasons behind Betty's suicide are really complex. It can't be hard to remember how it felt to be sick, caught in a gray area between Christ and Satan, good and Evil. For Betty it was a period of great confusion and anxiety. She was fighting to choose between EVIL and GOOD. "If Betty had an adequate religious affiliation may have an outlet to deal with everyday frustrations..."Bullshit, Betty committed Suicide in the name of her religion.People say, to justify: "Betty had a psychological disorder, especially depression, bipolar disorder, and alcohol and drug use (in fact, we all think that heroine played a role at the time of death)."
Bullshit, Betty only used heroine to meet her lord (don't know if Christ, Satan, Cross or whatever)...
She was serious in finding her way. "The reaction was possible in having found the band and having recorded the album...She didn't had the power to wait the album release and see people reaction on her communication commitment and she thought she failed." Bullshit, she committed suicide to show people that you can die for something and that you can be so strong to face the death as the other side of the same coin. We are still here to bring you all her message of desperation and hi level inspiration. The film is her story, please watch it, please listen to her songs and read her lyrics...This is the only way to give Betty the vengeance she asked for. Betty is alive, Betty will be alive forever.A Passage through the purity of pain.

7. You are still kind of a new band, but how has the reception been to your music from metal fans worldwide?
-We don't care...We are not here for fans. We don't really care of what people think about our music. We are here for a message, so we care about people that write us and tell us that they are with us and they will fight with us keeping away from politics, religions and shit like that. Of course we read all the messages we receive and we answer to everybody. Most of the people try to support and encourage us. There are some some people who talk shit about us of course and we have fun out of this. We don't really like the people that try to label us...People don't care anymore about labels. People MUST HAVE concrete examples to choose their true way.

8. Do you have any plans to tour the U.S?
-we only work with people we like so if someone true that is really into our project we'll offer us an american tour we will do it. Everyone that supports our message can offer us something, otherwise...Nothing...We don't tour to play concerts and have fun. Our live set is something deeper to us.

9. What direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
-I am trying to write some new songs now and some ideas are really interesting. I like the slow stuff that is coming out and evolving in me. I think that the new album will be much more oriented in a doomcore direction but I want to be really sure that I love what I am writing, so at the moment this is the only thing I can say. We will change ... will always change so don't expect a copy of "Crosscore"...This is for sure.

10. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?
-Christian Death (first 2 albums) is our main influence. We like Sister Of Mercy, The Cure, Neurosis, Converge, The Pixies, Scarlet, Botch, Morning Again, Unholy, Marduk, Darkthrone, Immortal, Sonic Youth... I think they influenced us a lot.Nowadays I am listening to Ragnarok from Norway, Negura Bunget, Absu from USA, Opera IX old albums...I got these cds from them. They are really good friends and I listen to their music.

11. What are some of your interests outside of music?
-I love animals and specially dogs. My biggest hobby is to go out with my dog and play with him.
I help animals during my spare time with donations, direct action ecc.
I like fast cars so I really try to talk to people that have the same passion. I go out with my car and I try to find places where I can go really fast. Maybe one day this hobby will kill me. For sure, at the moment, I am losing my driving licence. I love horror movies so I watch a lot of them at home with my wife. Last interest is cooking, but I am not good in that and every time I try some shitty food comes out...unfortunately.

12. Any final words or thoughts?
-We remove vanity and unnecessary self-importance. We remove labels for the One who cannot be named. Nobility, self-sacrifice, denial of ego.


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