Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Incarceri 9/In Prison Till The End/2009 CD Review

 Incarceri 9 are a band from Atlanta,Georgia that plays a mixture of doom,black,gothic and thrash metal and this is a review of their self released 2009 album "In Prison Till The End".

Drums on this recording are for the most part fast with alot of blast beats and some ocasional slow beats, while the bass playing seems to follow the riffs coming out of the rhythm guitars and at times it plays a role of lead bass, as for the keyboards they seem to be gothic influenced.

Rhythm guitars cover alot of ground with some doom/gothic metal influenced riffs and at times they speed up and turn into really fast thrash riffs, while the lead guitars utilize alot of melody and distortion with the solos being heavily influenced by 80's underground metal. Acoustic guitars sound really clean and utilize alot of full chords.

Vocals on this album contain a bunch of variety with some clean singing gothic vocals mixed with some high pitched black metal screams as well as some thrash influenced yells and and there are also some death/doom growls, as well. On some songs there are some spoken word parts that seem to have an anti christianity tint.

My copy of the promo did not come with any lyrics but judging by the bio they seem to be straight forward and about everyday live situations, while the production sounds good for a self released album and you can hear all of the instruments.

In my opinion this is a good album for this style of metal and while this is not something I listen to on a regular basis and this is not the type of album that would appeal to underground black metal listeners, this is still a good album and I can see fans of more mainstreamm black metal, gothic metal or even people that listen to mainstream metal in general liking this album, if a corporate label signed this band and promoted there music right this group could get really big. Another thing that I liked about this release was that they make every song sound different. A recommend release.

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