Monday, October 18, 2010

Blood Red Throne Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?

BRT was started by Død and Tchort in 1998 while we were playing in Satyricon. We wanted an extreme band of our own and both had a strong passion for death metal and it's stronger than ever these days. We heard about this young and talented bass player and shortly after, Erlend Caspersen joined in and the three of us are still in the band. We've had two singers and some drummers, but the line-up has been stable for the two last albums. We've released two albums on Hammerheart Records and three albums on Earache Records. We've done several European Tours and festivals and we're comin' to the rest of the world soon!

2. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

We should appeal to most extreme music fans cause we have brutality, fast and groovy stuff, melodies and the whole package! Some label us as an old school death metal and we're definetely inspired by old classic bands as Death, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Gorguts, Suffocation and so on, but we have our own norwegian twist to it!

3. I noticed that you had a U.S tour planned and it was cancelled, are there any plans to come back to America?

We are very sorry and pissed that this tour didn't happen. We're so eager to come to the US. We know we have a lot of fans there and just playing in the US is a big dream for us. So, later in 2009 or at least in 2010, we WILL come over!

4. What are some of the best shows that you have played and what crowds would you say are the best or craziest?

We've done several good shows. Especially one back in Norway in Oslo at the Scream Fest. That was awesome. Also the first gig we did after two year's without playing live at a festival in Belgium was awesome. It was like we'd played every night for a long time. The audience in Poland and the dutch countries is always crazy and brutal. Heavy mosh-pits and madness in front of the stage!

5. How would you describe the musical progress over the years?

We've always made good songs and riffs, but the production on our two first albums aren't too good I think, though some worship those albums. Anyway, the three latest albums have killer production and it just seems that we just know how to make killer death metal after so many years in the game!

6. I know certain band members have side projects, who are they would style of music are they?

Zerozonic is my other band. Really groovy and kick ass music in the vein of Pantera and so on. Tchort still plays in Carpathin Forest and Erlend plays in The Allseiing I.

7. I know that some of the band members have a history in the Norwegian black metal scene, how do your old fans react to you going into a more death style?

Both Tchort and I have been into death metal for almost 20 years and Tchort's first and just because we've played in Emperor and Satyricon doesn't mean we have to play black metal. Anyway, we do incorporate some black metal riffs in Blood Red Throne. At least I've never heard any negative feedback us playing the music we do. It's extreme metal man, hehe!

8. What are you listening to nowadays and what are some good bands that you would recommend?

I listen a lot to the internet radio and my CD collection is huge. I heard a really cool song by a band called Solstice the other day, so I have to check them out. I also support and listen to some of the local bands from my hometown!

9. What are your main influences music wise or non music wise?

Joe Satriani, Death and Pantera. Those are the three main influences of mine, but I guess you can hear a bit of everything in my way of writing!

10. What role does Satanism or Left Hand Path play in the band's music or life?

BRT is all about music, having a great time and we don't deal with such aspects. It's only music man!

11. What are some good books or films that you would recommend?

I don't read at all, but I watch some movies every now and then. Check out Porn of The Dead featuring BloodRedThrone, hahaha!

12. Any final words?

Check out our new album coming out in June and see us live. We promise death metal at is best and we'd love have a beer with you. Cheers! We also have a new myspace comin' up any day including a track from the new album!

13. Thanks for the interview?

Thank you! Support quality metal music!


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