Monday, October 18, 2010

Spirits Of Abomination Interview

1) Band's History:

Darkness: While in college I was fortunate enough to find a flyer from two guitarists that were seeking a singer. Before auditioning, I never thought they'd be heavy enough, but they blew my mind.

curse: well i was in a band b4 this one. we were about to do our first show at the cesspool castle....and i got a call the night before the show they told me i wasnt ready to play the very songs i wrote my self lol so me and shredder(my dad) showed up to the show to watch them choke they have only had one month practice on songs i wrote over a year ago at that time. we stood in the audience and watched a band called spork (now known as violent end) totally kill everyone their it was awesome...i felt inspired and so did my dad shredder to start a metal band tha'ts crushing and totally unique but to do so we needed the most extreme members and thus we began the search....we went through many members for different reasons, be it egos, the fact we where to heavy for them to do anything with, or just a style all in all in your face brutality....what ever the reason they all found themselves out of the loop. we started out as kill floor, then went to durge of gahena, then went to dark wasn't until Darkness found our flyer that we all found the words spirits of abomination jump off the pages of the necronomicon and land itself as the name to lead us into battle.we soon landed kill joy. , the low end crushing drums of soa. after our differences with our second bassist lead to his disappearance we landed Reaper the new backing 4 string monster. and the rest is history.

Shredder: I had been in a few cover bands over the years, but had all but stopped playing guitar for about 5 years. I had taught Curse to play when he was about 6 years old. Nearly 4 years ago he joined a band called absent. they were ready to do their first show at the cesspool castle when they decided to kick him out. The band before absent was called spork (violent end) and they had an incredible guitar player about my age, and he blew me away. Which got me to thinking, "I could play bad ass metal if he could" and my son was still bummed over being kicked out of absent. So I told him we should start our own band and kick absent's ass. At that time I didn't even own a guitar, the next day I picked one up at the pawn shop and killfloor was born. We went through 2 singers, a drummer, and a bass player before finding Darkness, and Killjoy (our drummer), we changed our name to Spirits of Abomination. We also had a keyboard player that didn't work out, and out old bass player that quit after a year. We played shows a few months without one, but now we have Reaper, our new bass player to carry on..

2)Describe our sound to a stranger:

Darkness: If you were to ascend into hell and lead the charge into the heavens, you would hear us playing.curse: stand in the middle of a full blown battle and that sweet sound of carnage is captured in our music.

Shredder: our sound is very heavy, a mix of old school thrash, and death metal, with some black metal and blues mixed in. It sounds like the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach right before a car accident when your asshole puckers and eats half the upholstry off your carseat. it's that intense

3) Our demo, E.P. albums future

Darkness: Currently recording the March to the Slaughter album, and have plenty more material for future albums with every ambition of making them.curse: i agree march is i think gonna be a killer album....leading way for better ones to come.

Shredder: we made one demo with 6 songs on it but the quality sucked. We are currently working on a new one that sounds a shit ton better. It should have 6-8 songs on it

4) Your opinion, what was our best show? Why?

Darkness: Cesspool Mar. 20, 2008 Was the very first show. I proved alot to myself that night.curse: i would have to agree with darkness again....we all proved to our selves that we are spirits of abomination and took the show and did it like pros. then we proved to the audience that a new scene has hit the town and every one that night felt our power.

Shredder: I think the BOTB at the Surge was our craziest show, soe of our fans decided to have a human sacrifice. Two of them dressed as a cow and race car driver, duct taped a guy and beat the shit out of him, and threw him in the mosh pit. He was fine, but the judges didnt like it, so, we tied for 3rd5)


Darkness: Dimmu Borgir, Bathory, Things that are brutal and defy. Religious persecution of millions. Anyone with the balls to think for them self, and fight for what they believe because they feel they must, not because they are told to, or bought. Things like that.curse: death, behemoth, CRADLE OF FILTH, fear factory, never more, metallica, megadeth and arch enemy.

Shredder:Randy, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus, Slayer, Guns n' Roses, Dimmu Borgir, Pantera, Eddie Van Halen, & Iron Maiden

6) What band are you listening to currently?

Darkness: Bathory, Dimmu. Venom, Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Cradle's "Midian"curse: hanzel und grettle, cradle of filth, dismember, death and metallica

Shredder: most recently I have been listening to Dimmu Borgir and Metallica's "Death Magnetic" but I continue to listen to the bad ass old metal of the '80's & '90's and the classic's of the '60's and '70's. Oh yea, Daath is badass too.

7) Does Satanism/Occultism influence you?

Darkness: VERY much. Everything I do. I'm a very proud Pagan

curse: its what the world needs to open its eyes from the every day mind control of modern religion and if we have opened just one persons eyes to the fact that the christian religion is really insanity in pure form than we've accomplished something great.

Shredder:I myself am not a Satanist but I am not for organized religion of any kind. Satan has been the topic of some of our songs and the occult is also present in many ways in our songs. I think we are not so much about Satan and the occult as we are about a hatred toward Christianity being crammed down people's throats. To me Earth is religion. The Native American Religion. Wiccan... maybe I'm a witch?

8)What do you think of the surrounding metal scene?

Darkness: It's mostly very weak crap. There are few bands we play with that I enjoy listening to.curse: emo and scene kids the worst combination in history. a good few bands though have shared the stage with us.

Shredder:there are a lot of shitty bands and a handful of good ones. I like to think we are one of the good ones

9) Your favorite books/films?

Darkness: The Seventh Seal, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Death Race 2000, Old Godzilla films. Books-Really anything based on historic religious events, paranormal, psychological, or just plain twisted.curse: godzilla, dracula films, zombie films, comic books, i love occult movies and cult classics.

Shredder: most of the books i read are of the history of Native Americans, I like movies like Spinal Tap, Rock Star, Crossroads, horror flicks like Final Destination, Blair Witch, Saw, etc

Final words:

Darkness: May the people that read this be enlightened, and true fans of great and brutal metal, rather than the worthless wretch of humans still claiming to have faith in an almighty God with a damning judgement, but still hypocritical in the very way they live.

curse:we are here to crush and conquer, we are here to make a statement through our music and open everyones eyes to the past and present cruelty that is christianity. we will fight thorough our music to slay this tyrant and hopefully all who listen will catch the stories each and every one of our songs depict and realize that top have faith is to be a brainwashed drone of god.

Shredder: we are an in your face, brutal sometimes vulgar extremely heavy metal band that will put a foot in your ass and change your mind on what metal of today is all about!


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