Monday, October 18, 2010

Nefastus Dies 2 song promo review

Nefastus Dies 2 song promo review

Nefastus Dies are a black/ death metal band from Canada that are signed to Candlelight Records and this is a 2 song promo that they made for dowload online. Drums are mostly mid paced with a few blast beats here and there, whilt the bass playing seems melodic and technical.

Rhythm guitars on this promo are melodic utilizing alot of doom and dark metal influences with some ocassional fast black death riffs while the leads seem distorted and somewhat melodic. Vocals are mostly in the doom/death range with some occasional black metal.

In my opinion this was a really impressive promo for this band and I can see a promising future and with a record contract with Candlelight Records it seems like they are almost there.

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