Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FragMento DeeMento Mp3's Review

FragMento DeeMento is a 1 man band from Conneticut that mixes noise, black metal,, industrial, gabber andd breakcore and this is a review of their MP3's

Drum machines on this recording contain alot of fast beats, while the keyboard utilizes alot of industrial influences and mixes alot of samples into the songs.

Vocals on this recording have some black metal screams but use mostly industrial type vocals that would of perfectly fit on a Wax Trax recording from the early 90's and they utilize alot of distortion, while the production on these MP3's sound really professional.

In my opinion this is a really good group and while this is not a style of music I listen to on a regular basis I still feel the music is really good since this takes darkness to a new level. If you have an open mind towards music I would recommend listening to this and if you go to FragMento DeeMento's Myspace page you can download their song.