Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FragMento DeeMento Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?

It all started about three years ago. I needed some kind of release and a way to express myself. Writing my thoughts on paper just didn't cut it anymore. I thought it would be a good idea just to, whatever cheap way I can, make music to get rid of all the tension I had and also to have some sort of hobby to keep my mind off of things. It turned out to be an obsession, in a good way.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

Well, all I can say is that you need an open mind of all genres of electronica, industrial, metal based music. I personally like noisy sounds to zone out to. Even when it's thumping and scratching the inside of my head out. You just have to hear it for yourself.

3. Were did you come up with the name for your project?

It came from somewhere inside. I started saying it under my breathe one day, like I was possessed, over and over again then over and over again till next morning and soon made sense. I came to realize that Fragmento Deemento means freedom to how I express myself through music with no boundaries. Fragments of all genres that I care for and Deemento for whatever way of words to express myself with without censoring myself or even trying to make sense of it all. Just pure, raw, and honest emotion.

4. Are there any plans to use guitars in your music during the future?

I am starting to use digital based guitars. I have some tracks completed. I layer straight sounds over each other and with distortion and adding notes, I get a nice gritty cold guitar sound. It's abit time consuming and I could use a real guitar but can't afford it. But, overall I dig the whole cold digital sound anyway.

5. Have you recieved any label interest?

No, I haven't really promoted my music much. I do want people to listen to my music and enjoy it. So right know I am my own label.

6. I noticed you put your songs online for people to download, are there any plans to put out an actual cd or record?

I really can't afford to make cd's. I looked into it. But, overall, I just want them to be heard. Times are tough and I enjoy making my music, regardless. I may make up some t-shirts down the road for fun.

7. What are your main influences music wise or non music wise?

Music wise, I enjoy making music raw and gritty. Not having to worry of polishing it. I tried that in the past and the songs just lost the innocence, the emotion behind them. Bands like Libido Airbag, Nunwhore Commando 666 really got me into the style I have now and want to keep in future. Non music wise, life experiences, self doubt, pain, death, tragedy. All the things I had to deal with in my life and still dealing with. This is my only escape.

8. What rule does Satanism or Occultism play in the music and life?

I see Satanism as Humanism with theatrics. I studied the Levian way and have all of Lavey's books and add my personal experiences/beliefs to the whole. We as humans are always evolving, atleast for me that is. I never know how I will feel about anything in this bleak future of ours. All I know is that I am passionate with whatever I believe in now.

9. What are some good books or films that you would recommend?

Anything fun and/or makes you think and question. Read Lavey. It has it all and the controversy, till this day. It is both intelligent and mockery of the human race.

10. What is your opinion of the music scene in your home state and what are some groups to be on the lookout for?

The only bands that I know represent CT is Hatebreed, Stress Bomb, and Circus Of Dead Squirrels. The only bands that were true and knew where they came from. Past or present.

11. Any final words?

If you get into music. Does not matter what you use or how you do it. As long as it makes you happy and feeds your desire, Just do it. And if your friends are digging it, you may have something. That's all that matters. Do it for yourself and don't try to fit in to any specific genre. Let it come natural. Let the dominoes fall as they may. We are who we are and all in all we are the same. It's just that many are misguided by the ways of the majority. Even that is understandable for those who struggle day by day, paycheck by paycheck, unable to think outside the box, unable to focus on anything but to survive. It's those who are the ones out of reach, full of greed, and stink like swine feeding off of the hard working people, thinking they are better than. Sry, tend to ramble on the last question. Don't get me started on politics and the scum of our race. That is a whole other interview. Thanks for your interest in my music. Much appreciated and glad to share. HAIL!

12.Thanks for the interview?

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