Monday, April 9, 2012

Black Death Pagan Salute Vol 2/Salute Records/2011 CD Compilation Review

  This is a review of a compilation called "Black Death Pagan Salute Vol 2" which was released by Salute Records during the year of 2011 and we will review the songs one by one.

Bloodshed Wahalla brings us "Warrior Of The Northern" a very atmospheric and epic sounding pagan/black metal that has a heavy folk music edge and melodic guitar solos to it as well as some clean singing pagan metal vocals along with ancient sounding acoustic guitars.

Next up is Godhate with "Antichristianity" a very fast and brutal sounding death metal song with Anti Christian lyrics and you can hear the heavy Deicide influence in the song.

Next up is Falgar with "Torches Of Wisdom" a more mid paced sounding black metal that utilizes alot of grim black metal screams.

Next up is J.A.B.U.A.B with "Last Apostate" a more blackened death metal song with deep growls and melodic sounding guitar riffs.

Next up is Hemfonia with "Armargana" a more symphonic and melodic sounding song that combines symphonic and melodic black metal with power metal with a mixture of clean singing, spoken word parts and high pitched black metal screams.

Next up is Omen with "Eternal Towards Infernal" a very raw and primitive style old school black metal song with a great amount of evil high pitched screams and this song has a little bit more melody than most of their other material.

Next up is Kristus Kut with "Sadist Perfector" a very evil and ritualistic song that has a dark ambient feeling to it.

Next up is Skool Of Dead with "World Is War" a more slow and atmospheric song with a melodic guitar solo and clean singing vocals then it turns into more aggressive guitars along with a mixture of black metal screams and deep growls while still retaining the symphonic elements.

Next up is Ajal with "odd Oracle" a very traditonal and old school sounding occult black metal song with evil sounding high pitcged black metal screams and melodic riffing.

Next up is All My sins with "Where The Wild Wind Blow (To Akron) a very fast, melodic, raw and primitive sounding black metal song with a mixture of high pitched screams and deep growls with an acoustic guitar in the middle of the song.

Next up is Bemskiant with "Enslaved In Our Fear" a very atmospheric and primitive sounding black metal song with a good amount of grim sounding screams along with some deeper growls as well as some melodic guitar riffing in addition there is a spoken word part towards the end of the song.

Next up is Barzakh with "Light The End" a more symphonic sounding black metal song with melodic riffing, grim black metal screams and deep growls as well as some heavy bass lines.

Next up is Asbel with "Last Day Here" a very dark, primitive and raw sounding black metal song that contains some very evil high pitched screams.

Next up is Demonic with "My Master Luciferi" a very fast, primitive and brutal black/death song with evil lyrics and demonic growls.

Next up is Upon Shadows with "Nihilism Is All That Remains" a very epic and symphonic sounding black metal song.

Next up is Prayer Of The Dying with "Dead Embers" another black metal song that leans more towards the symphonic side of the genre with a very melodic sounding guitar solos being utilized in the song.

Next up is Terra Australlis with "Ode To Thy Infernal" a very heavy and brutal sounding black/war metal song with a mixture of slow and fast riffing as well as some satanic/occult lyrics.

Next up is Fenrisulf with "Blood Moon" a very fast raw and primitive sounding black metal song with a lo-fi production along with some more slow and mid paced riffing along with some heavy bass guitar and suicidal sounding screams.

Next up is Premonition with "Commence The Revolution" a song more along the lines of blackened death thrash with a good mixture of deep growls and high pitched black metal screams along with a more rock/metal guitar and lead.

Closing the compilation is Stormtroopers with "Walang Humpay Na Pagwask" a very goat/black/death metal orientated song and a perfect closing for this compilation.

In conclusion this is a very great sounding compilation and has a little bit of everything for fans of black, death and pagan metal, if you enjoy those styles, add this to your collection. RECOMMENDED BUY.

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