Monday, April 9, 2012

My Blackest Of Souls Vol 4/Salute Records/2011 CD Compilation Review

This is a review of a compilation called "My Blackest Of Souls Vol 4" which was released by Salute Records during the year of 2011 and we will review the songs one by one.

Non Serviam from Peru brings us "Imperio Tiranio" a very raw and primitive sounding South American style black metal song with evil lyrics and a ggod amount of old school thrash influences.

Next up is Scraphead Symphony from Sweden with "Rock'n'Roll" a more traditonal NWOBHM/hard rock type of song that could of easily came out in the mid 70's or early 80's with a good amount of melody and flashy guitar solos.

Next up is The Meatfuckers from Mexico with "Pornorama" a more black/thrash type of song with catchy rhythms and talented guitar solos along with a mixture of high pitched black metal screams and deep demonic death metal growls.

Next up is Baalberith from the United Kingdom with "My Withering Soul" a more atmospheric sounding occult black metal song that has the classic early 90's underground black metal with some evil sounding high pitched screams along with some doom metal influences in the slower riffing as well as a brief use of clean playing.

Next up is Astral Rebirth from Mexico with "Distortion Mental Process" a very raw and primitive sounding black metal song with atmospheric synths and dark sounding melodies as well as some high pitched black metal depressive screams.

Next up id Ad Noctem Project from Chile with "Der Reich der dauern Land Teil II" an acoustic song with gothic style female vocals and a good amount of classical and acoustical guitars.

Next up is Benetnash from Mexico with "Pagan Reborn" a more symphonic pagan/black metal song that still has somewhat of a primitve approach and high pitched black metal screams.

Next up is Nekrosadik from Mexico with a black metal version of Radiohead's "Creep" which sounds more grim, evil and depressive than the original with a melancholic sounding piano.

Next up is Veldraveth from Venezuala with "No Life, No Light" a very fast and brutal sounding black/war metal song with some dark and primitive riffing.

Closing the compilation is Amon Kur from Chile with "Knights Of The Southern Cross" a very fast, raw and primitive South American black metal song that combines deep and high pitched black metal screams.

In Conclusion this is a very great compilation that has something for fans of all the different types of black metal, and all black metallers should add this album to their collection. RECOMMENDED BUY.