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Dragonlord/Rapture/Spitfire Records/2001 CD Review

  Dragonlord are a symphonic black/thrash side project of Eric Peterson best known for being the mastermind behind Testament and this is a review of their 2001 album "Rapture" which was released by Spitfire Records.

Drums are a mixture of mid paced to fast drumming with a lot of blast beats, while the keyboards are very symphonic and atmospheric sounding, as for the bass playing it sounds very professional with a lot of bass leads and riffs that follow the rhythms of the guitars.

Rhythm guitars cover a good amount of variety with some mid paced and fast riffs that have a lot of European black metal and thrash influences with a good amount of melody, while the lead guitars sound very technical, melodic and distorted with the guitar solos and there is a small amount of acoustic guitars on the last song of the album.

Vocals are a mixture of high pitched black metal screams and thrash style vocals with a small amount of deep growls and clean singing, while the lyrics touch on a poetic sort of mysticism and only a small amount of Satanism, as for the production on this recording which was recorded at Driftwood Studios in Oakland, California during the months of February and April 2001 sounds very professional and you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this album.

In my opinion Dragonlord are a very good band and if you are a fan of symphonic black/thrash  you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Unholyvoid" "Born Into Darkness" "Wolfhunt" and "Rapture". RECOMMENDED BUY.


Demoniac/Stormblade/Osmose Productions/1998 CD Review

  Demoniac where a retro black/thrash band originally from New Zealand that relocated to England and this is a review of their classic 1998 album "Stormblade" which was released by Osmose Productions.

Drums use a lot of fast playing with the occasional blast beats while the bass guitar has a lot of melody and fast riffs that mix black metal,thrash and punk together and there  are some keyboards used at times that have a classic metal feel.

Rhythm guitars contain a lot of variety with a lot of catchy and melodic riffs that mix black metal, thrash, classic metal and punk together with a lot of guitar solos that are very melodic sounding with a lot of classical metal influences as for the acoustic guitars when they are used they use some open chords and melody.

Vocals are mostly high pitched black metal screams with one song utilizing the vocals which where later used in depressive black metal with a lot of back-up vocals as well as some occasional clean singing being utilized while the song lyrics cover some occult/satanic topics with an anti christian message as well as a small amount of national socialism, while the production on this album which was recorded at Marmalade Studios during September of 96 sounds very professional and you can hear all of the instruments on this album.

In my opinion Demoniac where one of the best retro black/thrash bands of the 90's and this is a classic album that all true black/thrash fans should have in their collection. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Dont Burn The Witch" "Hatred Is Purity" and "Fight The War". RECOMMENDED BUY


Nocturnal Breed Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with Nocturnal Breed these days?
We're in the making of a new album, due to recorded during summer this year. But at the time the date is depending on Rattleheads hands, cause he broke both of his wrist her a few weeks ago, and as I'm sure you can see,it's hard to riff like we do with both hands splintered hehe, I hope we could get the new album out September. Originally we planned easter for recording, but we just can't make it. But it's all down to the bones right now. We're planning on taking the whole machine out of the barn and oil it up again, and start touring and doing live shows. We really have'nt been around much since late 2005. So it's about time to give people some value for their money again;)

2. How would you describe your stage performance and what are some of the best shows that you have played so far?
Well, I quess our stage performance is very Breed hehe, we've been doing live shows for 13-14 years now so we've done all kinds of things up here, strippers,insane lights, full screen film as backdrop,pyros famous quest artist. U fucking name it we've done it. There's been a million people on stage head banging all over the stage,drinking beer with us, smoking joints or being a crazy motherfucker with the band. We like wild gigs were both of us and the audience gets in each other's face hehe. It's really hard to pick out single shows but the early shows in 97 and shit are really cool. Cuz we had no idea people would react to us in such a positive way. Maybe I could include shows like a Milano, Oct 97, which just completely took off. But some of the smaller gigs kick ass too, like the really small ones, 150 people crammed into a bunker somewhere in Germany. Just giving it the full works and kicking ass for the metal lord,drunk crazy and will hehe In Belguim we had a full bunch of skins holding the stage together, laying on stage drinking and holding stuff in place, cuz the whole place went apart. Head banging their heads into the stage floor, begging us to head-butt them hehe wild Belgians man hehe some of the best shows we did locally in Oslo was insane to. We have some good friends who own pyro, lightning companies, and we've some stuff on stage worth millions. Awesome fucking lights and pyros. At a place called "Mars" in Oslo, we did several gigs in the 90's, and at one of them, rigged a fucking rocket with a pyro. It whooshed one foot over people's heads creating a fun scene exploding into the walls behind Tex hehe and as I's sure u know, there's been a fair share of beutiful strippers on stage to. We used it for many years. And we use only expensive professionals, no fucking amateur Goth-otter;)

3. Are there any other projects going on besides Nocturnal Breed if so, who are they and what style of music do they play?
There's a bunch of projects tied to us, Rattlehead has his ever infamous punk rock act cockroach clan which he's done since the dawn of the dinosaurs. A band truly worth a listening experience. Hes also playing in "Horsehead Union". A dark western inspired bluegrass band. I'n the making this year. Ben has tested out several projects over in Los Angeles, but to date I don't know what he's doing with that. For a while he did guitars in Skrapmetal(US), but I ques that did'nt last. Tex did Nuctemeron (no) for several years, but as that band kind of evolved into two fractions, we teamed up with a couple of the old members and reated Conjuration. Extremely cool Death Metal, very sick and twisted hehe me on vocals, tex on drums, and ex Nuctemeron members Fineideath and Immolarsen on guitars. Await the forthcoming album "House on Nuclear Hill" late this year.
On my behalf, I've got all my time running Aiwass up and going but I am using my old name, svart alf on that. I've been writing on this since 92-93 and it's turning out insanely cool. T's black, industrial in a ministry kinda way but more organic. Sharing this project is Dolgar from Gehenna, Ravn from 1349, Ronny Tekro TNT and a few more specials.It'll shock your ass off... coming soon too !!! then I have some small hings laying around. Stuff I've recorded over through the years that needs to be released etc. and due to the fact that I've kind off kept out of the business along time, I thought time for some serious audio retaliation hehe. I will release the SVARTALV solo demos, recorded during the last 15 years as well as a couple of other little projects. As well as Ravn (1349)and I will record our long time planned HELL album. A project that I've done with him since we recorded some demo material in 1999/2000, pure fucking Norwegian black hehe, so as u see, we've got more than enough to put our minds too;)

4. Are there any plans to bring your live show to the American shores?
We sure as fuck hope so. Our biggest fan base is in the states, and its about High time we get over there to kick some ass. So if there's any promoters or agencies who wants to, well hell we're back on track this summer!!! so we can just hope, but it is a sure priority man !!!

5. How has the newer material been received so far from the metal community?
Pretty good. The release kind off flaunked a little bit due to some business misunderstandings, so we'll get more feed back when it get's nore out there together with the forth coming new album. But till now the reviews on field to rot have been awesome.

6. Out off all the albums that you have recorded so far which one are you the most satisfied with?
U know that's impossible for me to have a clear mind on (I cant help but getting caught up in what I'm making at the moment, so at the time of cause fuels to rot is my fave,but the coming songs will be better hehe. Response wise, Aggressor triumphs alone hehe it kicked ass to release that lol.

7. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the band heading into on future releases?
Since we started out spontaneously, we had a very naively aggressive old school thrash approach in the start. We did'nt give a fuck, and u can hear that it. It's very pure and un- destilled and obviously influenced by old Sodom, Destruction and Motorhead etc. but as time got on I think we got more into the art of actually making a sturdy thrash-hancrafted album in the real sense. We kinda studied all the tricks in the book. analyzing and listening to everything we like and that influenced us. I quess that's why breed sounds abit more American than other thrash bands from Norway like Aura Noir, newer Dark Throne, Inferno or Audiopain. We listen to more American thrash and it shines through as we develop through the years. On "Fields to rot" we kinda almost wanted to say like " hey, Dave Mustaine- u think u are the only one who can play fuckin' fast and cool) lol hehe here u go, fuckin chew on this one ;)
As I see the new material develop in front of us now, I can see it's going to be much darker and dirtier than the last few years, more back to basic again.

8. How would you describe the lyrical content of the new material?
It comes straight from the liver. I wanted to take the gruesomeness of war all the way to the edge, and kinda end up creating a little horrible universe for this album. Each song portrays a different war, and a different gruesome side of it. I spent alot of time making sure the lyricks really sits well, and this time they turned oet really long lol, bur personally Im very pleased with'em. I like bending the rules for how to use words and mix and fuck with it to the best of my knowledge, and I hope it really came through this time ( enjoy the violence hehe

9. What are some of the more underground bands that have influenced your music, we already know of the more well known ones like W.A..S.P and Venom?
I can only speak for me , as we all have such different taste in music, and all over the specter. Nut as I was young I was very influenced by Norwegian bands like “Equinox” and local demo band in Oslo “Death Mission” raw thrash that got me really hooked on riffing. Another local band from Norway is “Incarnator”, probably one of the best bands in the world. Sadly only a couple demos came out before it was over. But those songs made a huge part in early breed stuff, especially songs like dead dominions, possessed and Armageddon nights reflects this very well.
Munch is another band that really played a lot, one of the first dark wave bands. Grim as hell, released on old Tatra records from nesodden Norway (the lable who nurtured Moonfoog back in the day)

10. What are you listening to nowadays?
Apart from the voices in my head, a good mix between Hocico (mex), 16 horsepower, Candlemass, Autopsy and coroner hehe I listen to everything but since it’s grim winter here now, I turn more to the blacker albums. Diamanda galas – Gloomy Sunday is ever present every winter, as well is Burzum –filosofem. But also Megadeth’s remastered “Killing is my business…” is running hot at the time. I’m realy not good at listening to new music. The new immortal must be the best new shit I’ve heard in a long time.

11. What role does Satanism or Occultism play in the music?
In breed it doesn’t matter shit hehe it’s not religiously focused at all. I have other bands for that. In breed it’s straight forward “in your face Aggressiveness. I’ve used it as backgrounds to stuff in a couple lyrics, but not as “Satanism” .more to color the atmosphere of the song etc.

12. What are some of your interests outside of music?
I write books and screenplays, and have a couple huge projects coming there. But my “hobbys” have a tendencies to turn into something I want to “Produce” ore release in one way or the other.
I have a 13 yr old daughter which takes a lot of time, she does bands and shit too hehe.
Apart from that I tattoo a little. Not good only necro tatts’, so if anyone wants grim necro tats, send a mail hehe

13. Any final words or thoughts?
Keep your antennas in tune, and await the new coming of the breed

Metal to the bone



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Obsidian/Point Of Infinity/Candlelight Records/2010 CD Review

  Obsidian are a band from the Netherlands that plays a very technical form of death metal with a blackened edge and this is a review of their 2010 album "Point Of Infinity" which will be released by Candlelight Records.

Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with some blast beats and a lot of technical parts, while the bass playing has a very dark tone which follows the riffing that is coming out of the guitars and at times the bass has a strong and heavy at times.

Rhythm guitars are very technical and heavy sounding death metal riffs that also takes influences from other form of metal with some melodic parts being utilized at times, while the lead guitars are very melodic and technical sounding guitar solos, as for the acoustic guitars when they are utilized they bring a very dark edge to the music.

Vocals are mostly deep death metal growls with some high pitched screams and clean singing vocals, while the lyrics cover every day type of themes with somewhat of an esoteric feel, as for the production it has a very heavy and professional sound with all of the musical instruments sound very powerful.

In my opinion Obsidian are a very good technical death metal band and if you are a fan of this style you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Breach" "Tidal Waves" "Desolate Rage" and "Incinerate". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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Demonic Resurrection/The Return To Darkness/Candlelight Records/2010 CD Review

  Demonic Resurrection are a band from India that plays a very symphonic form of black/death metal and this is a review of their 2010 album "The Return Of Darkness" which will be released by Candlelight Records.

Drums alternate between mid paced to fast drumming with some blast beats, while the keyboards have a very dark and symphonic sound to them, as for the bass playing it is mixed down low in the mix and seems to follow the riffs that are coming out of the guitars.

Rhythm guitars range from mid paced to fast riffing that is very melodic and has influences from black, death, thrash and power metal, while the lead guitars are very melodic sounding guitar solos that have a lot of talent and skill to them, as for the acoustic guitars when they are utilized, to bring an extra dimension of darkness to the music.

Vocals are mostly deep blackened death metal growls mixed in with some high pitched screams and some clean singing vocals that have a heavy power metal influence to them, while the lyrics cover dark themes, as for the production, it has a very powerful and professional sound to it.

In my opinion Demonic Resurrection are a very talented melodic/ symphonic/blackened death metal band and if you are a fan of this style, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Between Infinity And Oblivion" "The Warriors Return" "Lord Of Pestilence" and "Omega I". RECOMMENDED BUY.


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Thor's Hammer/May The Hammer Smash The Cross/Ancestral Research Records/2000 CD Review

  Thor's Hammer where a band from Poland that played a style that I would describe as NS pagan black/death/thrash and this is a review of their 2000 album "May The Hammer Smash The Cross" which was released by Ancestral Research Records.

Drums are all fast drumming with a lot of brutal blast beats with some slow to mid paced drumming being used at times, while the keyboards bring a very dark pagan atmosphere style of sound to the music, as for the bass playing it has a very powerful that you can still easily hear despite the raw sounding production.

Rhythm guitars back some fast primal black metal riffing with some death/thrash influences and there are also some riffs that have a RAC feel to them while the solos have a very primitive and melodic sound to them.

Vocals are mostly deep death metal growls with a blackened touch, while the lyrics touch on Paganism, war, anti Christianity, the philosophy of Ragnar Redbeard and national socialism, as for the production on this recording it has a very raw sound but you can still hear all of the instruments.

In my opinion Thor's Hammer where a very good band and if you are a fan of such genres such as NS black metal, pagan metal, black/thrash and RAC you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "May The Hammer Smash The Cross "Their Modern Freedom" and "Gates Of Heaven". RECOMMENDED BUY.


Absu/Barathrum : V.I.T.R.I.O.L/Osmose Productions 1993 CD Review

  Absu are a band from Texas which I would describe of Mythological Occult black/death metal and this is a review of their debut album "Barthrum : V.I.T.R.I.O.L" which was released by Osmose Productions during the year of 1993.

Drums are a mixture between mid paced drumming mixed with some very fast playing and brutal blast beats, while the synthesizers give the music a very atmospheric and ritualistic feel, as for the bass playing it has a very dark feel and follows the riffs coming out of the guitars.

Rhythm guitars mix some slow death metal riffing while the fast riffs are influenced by both black metal and thrash, while the guitar leads have a satanic death metal feel.

Vocals are high pitched black metal screams that have some death metal influences with some female vocals that have an opera feel while the lyrics touch on a variety of occult topics such as Celtic, Greek and Italian Witchcraft, Qabalah, Chinese mysticism, and Sumerian, as for the production on this album it has a very raw and dark feel.

In my opinion this was one of Absu's best albums and if you are a fan of Absu you probably already have this album. RECOMMENDED  TRACKS INCLUDE "Descent To Acheron" "The Thrice Is Greatest To Ninnigal" and "Fantasizing To The Third Of The Pagan Vision". RECOMMENDED  BUY.


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The Order Of Apollyon Interview

1. Can you introduce the band to my readers?

B.S.T. : Hailz. Daniel Wilding (drums) and I formed THE ORDER OF APOLLYON during summer 2008, while we both were already playing together in ABORTED. Although we had a lot of fun playing in that band, we felt something was missing for it to be a more deep and intense projetc, the visual and spiritual aspect I guess... It meant a lot to me in particular, as my background is mostly underground and religious black metal.

2. How would you describe the musical sound of the new album?

B.S.T. : As I always say our music is a sort of tribute to the late 80's early 90's extreme metal scene, the one we grew up with. We want our albums to sound powerful but at the same time raw, natural, and not overproduced, like most records this day, especially in the US and Swedish Death metal scenes. I'm not even talking about Death-core. I enjoy way more the way albums were recorded back then, it just feels more genuine, and I don't mind the fact that it sounded less "perfect", on the contrary.

3. What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects the new album explores?

B.S.T. : The whole album is a concept around the contrast between flesh and spirit, the material versus the spiritual... We preach a form of distanciation from all the corrupt and futile aspects of life, and the living of an existence full of devotion, everyday getting closer to the one true God.

4. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the band's name?

B.S.T. : The Order is a religious group that came to life with the band, consisting of other people who do not necessarily play in the band. The name Apollyon is a greek translation of the hebrew Abaddon, "The Destroyer". It's a character that we can read about in St-John's Apocalypse, as well as in a few other texts... To us it symbolizes a form of destruction necessary to the liberation of the soul, an inexorable evil each of us must face in order to get closer to God.

5. Has the band had any opportunities to do live shows yet, if so what are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?

B.S.T. : So far we played only one show, in London, with Shining (SW) and Enthroned (Be). And it was a great experience, most of the people attending showed a lot of support and respect for what we do. We have a short European tour scheduled for next january, looking forward to it... Very much. As far as our performance goes, I'd say we try to be as professional as possible, and stand for what we preach. There is nothing to fancy yet in our stage presence or live show in general, although we're working on the visual aspects as we speak. But we're not planning on having anything too... shiny, if you know what I mean. We're meant to stick to a strict appearance to fit what the band is : A propaganda tool for a religious cult.

6. Currently you are signed to Listenable Records, how did you come in contact with the label and what are your expectations when they put out your new album?

B.S.T. : I have been in touch with Laurent for a long time, and we always got along well. We were looking for a label big enough to promote us properly, and help us out building something, but at the same time we wanted to avoid being a small fish in a huge sea... Listenable was the best choice we had, and we're glad we made it.

7. The band consists of many different veterans of the extreme metal scene, do any of the members still play in other bands or is this a full time project?

B.S.T. : This is a real band and not a simple side project, however we all have other bands : James plays in Cradle of Filth, Daniel plays in Trigger the bloodshed, and Peter plays in Akercocke. I also play in Aosoth, Balrog, and Genital Grinder, but those are quite underground projects.

8. How has the support been so far by extreme metal fans worldwide that have heard your music?

B.S.T. : We got pretty good reactions online, and I can't wait for the album to be released in the US. Sales seem to be doing okay so far, although nowadays it's way easier to download an album illegally than to buy it. But that's just the way things are now, we have to live with it, there are so many bands, and so many releases every month, can't really expect people to buy everything, can we? At least those who bought it or downloaded it seem to enjoy the music, and our message has reached a few people...

9. What can we expect from the band in the future?

B.S.T. : We'll play live as much as possible, and I guess we'll give it a year or so before starting working on the next album, we have a few riffs ready, and everyone is going to be involved in the composition, so it should be more diverse and interesting, musically.

10. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

B.S.T. : I still mostly listen to the bands that first influenced me, old Slayer, Metallica, Sepultura, Death, Morbid Angel, Marduk, Deathspell Omega, Immortal... And I also listen to lots of 70s rock bands like Deep Purple, Led Zepellin, Black Sabath, Pink Floyd, or even the Rolling Stones...

11. What role does Occultism or Satanism play in the music?

B.S.T. : I wouldn't use the word "Satanism", I never really liked this word, although our belief system has some similarities with a few radical Satanist groups. I would say we have a big visual influence from orthodox Christianity, but our ideology is also very much inspired by the Torah, and the Koran. We believe in people being mainly sheep's, led by the ones who hear God's Word in a clearer way. We believe that the absence of choice, and free will, for men, is nothing but a Fact. All derives from the Lord, and we are mere pieces in a design we are far too small to understand, Absolute devotion is the only Key. True servants will be rewarded.

12. Outside of music, what are some of your interests?

B.S.T. : Religion. I also enjoy the exploration of our own perception of things through the use of narcotics, a form of transcendence, during which we lose out grip to the material world.

13. Any final words or thoughts before we close this interview?

B.S.T. : Thank you for your time. Judgement is upon us. Praise the Lord.


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The Order Of Apollyon/The Flesh/Listenable Records/2011 CD Review

 The Order Of Apollyon are a band from the United Kingdom that plays a very dark form of blackened death metal and this is a review of their 2011 album "The Flesh" which will be released by Listenable Records.

Drums alternate between slow, mid paced and fast drumming with a lot of blast beats, while the bass playing has  a dark tone that is kind off mixed down low in the mix and seems to follow the riffs that are coming out of the guitars, as for the effects they add a lot of atmosphere and darkness to the music.

Rhythm guitars are a mixture of slow, mid paced to fast blackened death metal riffs with a lot of talent being utilized as well as some melodic and thrash riffing, while the lead guitars are very chaotic sounding death metal guitar leads and solos that have an early 90's feel with a lot of skill being utilized.

Vocals are mostly deep death metal growls with some high pitched screams being used at times mixed in with the occasional spoken word passages and clean singing female vocals, while the lyrics touch on Spiritual Satanism and Spirituality, as for the production it has a very heavy and professional sound to it.

In my opinion The Order Of Apollyn are a very talented blackened death metal band, that should appeal to all fans of this genre. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Ich Been Das Licht" "Fifth" "Flesh Of YHVH" and "L"Orgueil". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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